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Quality Service at Affordable Rates

At Sunshine Auto Services, we strive to satisfy our customers and deliver amazing and affordable services. Our areas of expertise range from all aspects of automotive repair. From routine maintenance services such as oil changes, spark plug replacements, to more complicated and extensive repairs such as head gasket changes and transmission rebuilds, our technicians are capable of handling any issues that may arise within your vehicle. We believe in keeping all repairs as affordable as possible, as automotive maintenance plays a vital role in one’s daily life and should be easily accessible.

No matter the repair, our rates will be based only on a per hour basis of $110.00 (with a minimum charge of $55.00)

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the most beneficial service that can be done to extend the service life of your vehicle. An oil change stands at the most common service within routine maintenance. Changing your oil plays a very important factor in maintaining good gas mileage, power, and the longevity of your engine. In addition, a tune-up is also a major factor in maintaining the performance and fuel economy of your vehicle. This would include replacing spark plugs, wires, and air filters when service is due.

Engine Repair

The engine of your vehicle is a very complicated system of parts working simultaneously to provide the best performance possible. As time passes, the quality and performance of the parts within a motor can get damaged or just wear out. Keeping up to date and replacing these components is very important in the longevity and health of your motor and vehicle. Whether it be a repairing or changing an alternator, timing belt/chain or replacing the whole coolant system, our technicians are well trained and experienced to handle any problem that may arise. We are equipped to service repairs from head gasket changes to complete motor replacements.

Transmission Repair

Having a transmission issue? We know replacing or repairing can be a costly repair towards your vehicle. Keeping the transmission in proper maintenance and servicing will prolong the life of your vehicle. Services such as changing the transmission fluid and keeping the parts properly lubricated play a vital role in the life of a transmission. In addition, if the whole transmission needs replacing, we provide an excellent replacement service as well.

Suspension Repair

Does your car’s handling and driving ability seem off? Just like other components in your vehicle, the suspension overtime may get worn out or damaged. Poor suspension will compromise the ability of your car to absorb bumps on the road and will ultimately reduce the overall quality of the ride and handling of the vehicle. As one of your areas of expertise, we know that it is important to keep your suspension in optimal condition and we are here to help you resolve any issues that present themselves. Repair services available: Brakes, strut and springs, alignment, steering, control arms, and more.


Have a check engine light and not to sure what it is? Are multiple lights popping up on your dashboard? Many issues arise when warning lights begin to be displayed on your dashboard, and at Sunshine Automotive Services, we have the advanced technology and equipment to diagnose any problems and make sure that each issue is resolved. 

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